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Top Five Online Yogis

Sure, going to a studio is nice – the ambiance, the community. In this day and age, though, we’re lucky enough to have the vibes of a quality yoga practice in the convenience of our own living room. YouTube has revolutionized the yoga industry by allowing yoga instructors to post videos of their lessons for everyone to use. In this article, we’ve compiled five of the top channels to find your ideal yoga practice videos online. Give one or two of them a visit and see which one appeals to you!

Yoga with Adriene

Adriene is by far the best yoga instructor online today. Her wide variety of videos tackle specific areas of the body to help you relax, strengthen, or tone. Not only is Adriene incredibly talented, but she’s also fun-loving and easygoing. Her soothing voice helps the listener calm down and relax. Sometimes she is a little goofy, and her lighthearted nature makes her videos easy to watch and fun to enjoy. She talks to her followers like a friend and one you want to spend time with. Viewers look forward to her videos, and as soon as you see a video, you understand why! Down-hearted, funny, and therapeutic, Adriene’s channel is a definite favorite.

Boho Beautiful

The stunning scenery in these videos pales in comparison to the inspirational videos the instructor’s post. Calming sounds accompany the videos and there are various levels of practice difficulties. Some of the videos may be a little intimidating for beginners, but once you’ve advanced in the yoga world, the videos will all be more than manageable.

Kino Yoga

This yoga instructor is a little more spiritual than some of the others. Kino MacGregor has studied yoga in India and implements many of these concepts in her videos. From beginners to advanced yoga students, Kino’s videos are for everyone. Lots of her videos are filmed by the water or in other beautiful spaces, so you can feel like you are even more one with nature as you practice.


This channel has several different instructors doing videos, increasing the variety and making sure you never get bored in your practice. You can pick which instructor you like the best, from all levels, and stick with their videos or get adventurous and try a different video from each person! With new videos every Tuesday and Thursday, there’s a guarantee that you will have a new practice to enjoy. Their videos have great sound quality so you can relax into the sound of the yogi’s voice as you practice with the video.

Brett Larkin Yoga

One of my favorite parts of this last yoga instructor’s channel is her series of yoga journaling videos. This is a unique way to further discover yourself in your practice. Brett is very encouraging and uses imagery in her practices to help you visualize what’s happening in your body. Beginner yoga morning videos will help you want to get out of bed with the sun so that you can climb straight into child’s pose.

Journey through your yoga practices with these online gurus and feel the difference. Embrace being a part of the online yoga community – comment on message boards, add responses to videos you liked – so that the creators can enhance the online yoga experience. Maybe someday you could even start your own yoga channel if any of these inspire you!


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