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Yoga: A Boon To People On Earth!

Meditation Through Yoga and Brain Training

Yoga is a powerful exercise that improves spiritual health as well as enhances the physical strength of a person. The general impression that people had of yoga was a bit different than the one that has been formulated due to years of research. Yoga not only brings peace of mind but improves bodily functions like the skeletal system, muscular system, and, most importantly, the nervous system. According to research conducted by a group of scientists in Bangalore, yoga helps in developing spatial skills, static motor skills, and dexterity of mind. It gives proof that yoga helps train the brain and equips the person with the ability to maximize the use of their brain. This is a breakthrough discovery as people can use the power of yoga to improve brain functions.

The benefits that are gained through meditative yoga that are unique to the brain are as follows:

Yoga Helps In Calming Down The Mind:

Yoga helps clear the mind of any negative thoughts and induces positive, happy feelings. It helps relax the mind and can combat the stress from the environment. Yoga helps release tension and enables you to create a positive aura around oneself. Since yoga allows you to practice deep breathing, it de-stresses you and helps de-clutter the mind.

• Yoga Helps In Improving The Cognitive Functioning Of The Brain:

The breathing asana of the yoga that is Pranayama demands deep and controlled breathing. The right nostril breathing helps power up the brain and creates an active flux of energy. The primary reason that people who practice yoga have better cognitive functioning than normal individuals is that yoga makes them get rid of the negative and stressful thoughts. Hence, they can focus.

Yoga Builds Brain Muscles!

It might come as a surprise for many, but through MRI, it was discovered that people who practiced yoga were found to have increased brain mass. The areas of the brain that were responsible for sensory and spatial qualities were found to have increased masses. The sectors that are responsible for bodily functions and nervous systems were also found to have developed healthy gray cells.

Some of the basic meditative yoga asanas that improve health and can be practiced are:

• Padmasana – The Lotus Pose

It helps calm the mind and relaxes the body. This pose helps in altering the posture of the body and improving it. It also helps in relaxing the stress on ankles, knees, and hips.

Vajrasana – The Diamond Pose

It helps in clearing the digestive tract and gets rid of constipation. This overall helps the body relax and soothes the mind by eliminating fuzzy thoughts.

Ardha Matsyendrasana – The Half Spinal Twist Pose

• Paschtimottanasana – The Seated Forward Pose

It helps in relieving the body of stress and depression, thus promoting clearer thinking and improved focus.

Halasana – The Plow Pose

• Mayurasana -The Peacock Pose

• Sirsasana – The Headstand

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