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Yoga: A Boon To People On Earth!

Full Front Stretch

Being busy doing corporate jobs and dealing with modern living can easily cause body tightness. This can particularly be noticed on the lower back, the chest and shoulder regions, and hamstrings’ area as well. This is due to sitting for long periods of time, bad posture and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Luckily, Yoga has several natural remedies that can easily release any bodily tightness or tension. Practicing Yoga with a proper form and intentions can benefit the body and mind in amazing ways. If you’re new to this practice, it is recommended to flow under the guidance of an experienced and certified Yoga teacher to avoid any injury. Trusting your journey and having faith within yourself will surely reap the rewards of Yoga.

Opening to Relaxation

Releasing body tightness can be effectively countered with Yoga’s wide variety of body openers. One suitable solution is Upward Facing Two-Foot Staff Pose, which is also known as Dwi Pada Viparita Dandasana in Sanskrit. This pose is a backbend that develops leg strength, improves the flexibility of the spine, opens the shoulders and chest and stretches the whole front of the body. It is also a very effective posture that relaxes the mind and opens the sacred space of inner peace.

Upward Facing Two-Foot Staff Pose/Dwi Pada Viparita Dandasana

To do this pose, begin by lying on your back. Bend your knees and plant your feet hip-width apart on the ground. Then, reach over, bend by the elbows and place your hands next to your shoulders with your fingers pointing down to your feet. Inhale, place your head’s crown on the ground, and exhale, fully lifting your body off the floor into a Wheel Pose. Take a deep breath in, and then exhale as you lift your heels and lower down to your forearms. Interlace your fingers then extend your legs together. Allow the whole front of your body to fully stretch and stay in this position for five breaths. To release, push back up to Wheel Pose and slowly lower down the body to the ground.

Keep in Mind: Breathe deeply and consistently throughout the whole process. Make sure that the elbows are shoulder-width apart. If you are suffering from any shoulder, back or neck injury, refrain from doing this pose. Individuals with high blood pressure, insomnia and migraine are also advised to avoid this posture.

Fully approaching this pose might take a while. Be patient. It is suggested to learn this pose with proper guidance from an experienced teacher before practicing on your own. Once you have properly learned Upward Facing Two-Foot Staff Pose, stretching the whole front of the body and releasing tightness is no longer a problem. Practice regularly and be open to possibilities.

Accentuate Your Form!
Yoga stretches can be quite detrimental to your yoga leggings especially if they are not well-crafted. While decompressing body tightness, feeling comfortable that your Yoga pants can handle the specific movements is a peace of mind. For instance, cotton yoga leggings are great for comfort and durability. 

Michi Storme Pocket Leggings

Nylon is also another great material. Michi is popular for emphasizing femininity in their workout clothes. This workout legging is a mix of activewear and lingerie. Michi Storme Pocket Leggings are stylish, comfortable and durable Yoga pants for women. Their fabric is 88% nylon, and 12% spandex, with a wide elastic waistband. These stylish Yoga pants also have mesh panels that create long pockets.

In practicing Yoga, always listen to your body. Do not push into any position that hurts. Practice with patience and composure. Be open to your vulnerabilities and allow them to strengthen your faith within yourself. Practice with awareness and your possibilities will surely stretch out to their best potential. Be mindful and remember to have fun while learning!

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