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Dos and Don’ts of Yoga Clothing

As with any other sport or form of exercise, yoga does need some proper equipment as well. Shoes do not play an important role into your yoga routine, as you could easily perform all of your poses without them just as efficiently. As a matter of fact, you’re supposed to be doing your yoga barefoot. You should keep in mind that proper clothing will enable you to perform all poses easier and more comfortably. This way you will be able to actually enjoy your training. These simple tips are here to help you pick out clothes that will make yoga even more fun for you.

Light Colored Bottoms

Of course, you have some comfortable old pair of leggings that you feel you have to wear them everywhere. However, these leggings are most likely to have worn out, so you better check if they have any holes or thinning in the fabric. Yoga requires some deep stretch positions, so go with new leggings in colors of navy blue, chocolate and any other dark color hue you find most attractive. These dark colors will help you gain some self-esteem while performing difficult poses.

Loose T-shirts

Old loose t-shirts or tanks will make your life a lot harder while practicing yoga. You will find yourself holding your shirt while performing downward facing dog. Instead, try finding some long and properly fitted tanks that can stay put and make you feel comfortable throughout your routine. If you don’t own these kinds of tanks you can always buy some and test them in order to see if they fit properly. Yes, you guessed right, dare to try out some yoga poses before you purchase your new shirts.

Sports Bras

You might have a large selection of revealing, sensual bras. These are the worst choice when it comes to yoga. Their strong grip will make you feel uncomfortable and perhaps cause you pain. Therefore, it is best to go with a sports bra that will support you no matter what. After trying it out once, you will want to wear only these types of bras from now on. There is a reason why all sports related women choose sports bras rather than regular ones.

Revealing tops, tight shorts and shining leggings are some outfits you have probably seen in movies and series. However, proper exercise whether it is yoga or anything else requires comfortable clothes. The way you feel inside your outfit can either assist you or make your life a lot more difficult.

Your yoga class is the place to relax and improve your physical state, rather than impress everyone else with your clothing choices. There is no doubt that everyone else will choose comfort over style as well. Make your class a safe space where everyone is having a great time and improves their yoga skills. This is your personal sacred place and once you find the best way to relax and find your inner center, yoga will become your most favorite form of exercise.

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