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8 Best Yoga Blogs

Everyone writes about yoga these days. Whether they are sharing pictures of themselves in amazing poses or just sharing what they have learned with the world, there are countless yoga practitioners who write about their journeys, insights poses, and even their favorite yoga leggings. This can be a good thing. It means that if you ever have questions about your practice, you can find the answers online, and if you need support or motivation, that’s there as well. Because these blogs can be so useful, we’ve compiled a list of 8 yoga blogs that you might like to explore.

Curvy Yoga

For all those out there who need the reassurance that the yoga body isn’t always impossibly thin and flexible, Curvy Yoga will lay that concern to rest. With information on yoga and body image as well as more philosophical issues, this is a blog that has something for everyone.

Daily Cup of Yoga

Dedicated to all things meditation, yoga, and fitness, this blog offers more than just tips and tricks on yoga poses. If you want to explore how to bring your yoga practices and wisdom into other parts of your life, then Daily Cup of Yoga is the place to come for inspiration.

The Journey Junkie  

Life and yoga are both journeys, and how better to celebrate and explore that than through the blog of a yoga practitioner who likes to take her yoga practice on the road. Filled with stunning photos of exotic locations as well as tips on both yoga and life, this blog delights the senses as well as the mind.

Daily Downward Dog

Geared towards people over forty, this blog is a reminder that yoga practitioners don’t have to be twenty-something fitness fanatics. It also focuses on yoga for injuries as well as other body issues and limitations that sometimes come with age.

Elena Brower

Artistic and creative, the appearance of this blog makes you want to explore the creative and spiritual side of life. Filled with poetry as well as guidance and insights into the yoga world, this is an unusual entry that is worth exploring.

Marianne Elliott

If you believe that yoga can make the world a better place, and want to be a part of that, then this blog is a good place to begin. This blogger’s passion for yoga, for life and for understanding shines through in every word and image. A blog that truly lifts this exercise form into another level.

The Yoga Blog

A community first and a seemingly endless source of information second and always. The Yoga Blog is for those who want to explore every aspect of their practice and their lifestyle as a whole.

Yoga Journal 

This blog is one of the biggest and most comprehensive sources out there for information about yoga, meditation, and everything in-between. The articles are always chatty, informative and accurate and the tone is inclusive and friendly.

There are many more blogs that contain information both inspiring and interesting, but these are just a few that truly bring a unique perspective into the practice of yoga.

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