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4 Tips for Practicing Yoga in a Hotel Room

Traveling can be an inevitable part of life for many individuals, including those who have to travel often for work. Leaving your home even for a few days can throw you off your usual routine. Regular yoga practice is often one of the first things thrown off-kilter by travel plans, but it doesn’t have to be.

If you plan on staying in a hotel for a few days, you can still make the most of your getaway and keep up with your yoga routine. It can be more difficult to stay focused and centered while you’re away from home, but these four top tips for practicing yoga in a hotel room can help.

Take advantage of the view.

A hotel room sometimes comes with a beautiful vista right outside your balcony window. Take advantage of a stunning view by throwing open the curtains and positioning your mat so you can see it. You may find all of the benefits of a tropical yoga retreat right from your hotel balcony. Practicing with the door open may even give you a hint of tropical sea breeze to complete the moment.

Even if your view isn’t spectacular, a change of scenery can help you to promote more flexibility in your practice and in your daily life. Appreciate the differences between your usual practice space and this new locale. You may head home with even more reasons to be grateful, particularly if your home is more beautiful and scenic than this space.

Bring a portable mat.

While the housekeeping staff probably makes every attempt to clean your room, the carpets have been exposed to a lot of traffic. You can help to keep yourself clean by bringing a portable yoga mat to the hotel room with you. You may also want to bring some sanitizing spray to spritz on your mat before you roll it up in the evening.

Set up your own speakers or white noise machine.

When you’re staying in a hotel, you’re often subject to the noises and ruckus that other guests create. Bring along your own set of wireless speakers or a white noise machine to help drown out the noise right outside your door. These simple items pack neatly into your suitcase and help you to focus on your practice, even when there’s plenty of knocking and chattering going on in the hallway.

Set aside time for your practice.

You may be tempted to crawl into a king-size bed and watch your favorite movie channel. However, you don’t want to get swept away by these modern conveniences. Designate a specific amount of time to your yoga practice even while you’re traveling. This can make the transition back into your regular routine much easier when you return home.

Don’t allow a sudden change of scenery to derail your regular yoga practice. Instead, you can keep yourself focused and centered in your hotel room with these handy tricks. You’ll return from any trip feeling more refreshed than ever when you can bounce right back into your usual routine, yoga practice and all.

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