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Meditation Through Yoga and Brain Training

Yoga is a powerful exercise that improves spiritual health as well as enhances the physical strength of a person. The general impression that people had of yoga was a bit different than the one that has been formulated due to years of research. Yoga not only brings peace of mind but improves bodily functions like […]

8 Best Yoga Blogs

Everyone writes about yoga these days. Whether they are sharing pictures of themselves in amazing poses or just sharing what they have learned with the world, there are countless yoga practitioners who write about their journeys, insights pose

4 Tips for Practicing Yoga in a Hotel Room

Traveling can be an inevitable part of life for many individuals, including those who have to travel often for work. Leaving your home even for a few days can throw you off your usual routine. Regular yoga practice is often one of the first things

How To Use A Yoga Ball

The Yoga Ball, also known as an exercise ball or stability ball, is super fun and effective yoga tool that is catching on quick among the yoga community in yoga studios. The yoga ball helps you master harder poses handstand by slowly letting you build the muscles needed to hold harder poses without falling down. […]

How Using a Journal Can Enhance Your Yoga Practice

When you discover a love for yoga, you may find that you want to keep developing and improving your practice. Learning more poses, breathing effectively, and achieving a meditative state are all satisfying, but they might not give you the sense of

Self-Care Practices For Yogis

Self-care is essential to supporting the body’s natural processes. It helps us find balance in our lives and nurture good health and allows us to offer more of ourselves to the people we love when we take the time for self-care. 

Full Front Stretch

Being busy doing corporate jobs and dealing with modern living can easily cause body tightness. This can particularly be noticed on the lower back, the chest and shoulder regions, and hamstrings’ area as well. This is due to sitting for long perio

The Best Yoga Poses Suitable for Seniors

Yoga provides a lifelong practice that anyone can do with a little help, patience, and perseverance. It is good and beneficial for all-ages even seniors. Yog

What Are Bandhas and What is Their Purpose?

There are so many elements to yoga that certain techniques are often missed, such is the case of incorporating bandhas into your practice; a technique that when added to your poses will make you question why you never tried it before. In yoga, bandha refers to a lock or bond that we activate within specific […]